The Centaurus  |  Area -520 Sq. Yds   |  New Delhi, India, 2017

A coalesce of luxury and minimalism called “The Centaurus” - this residence with 520 sq. yds footprint has been very intelligently arranged in the blocked territory of populous Rajouri Garden in New Delhi. This resplendent home manifests a rich yet contemporary theme with exhilarating surprise elements.

Although the interior grammar briefed by the client required a moderate and calming design, the intricate building envelope has been designed with an international regal charm exhibiting an intriguing vibe. With a three-side development around the property, it was crucial to envisage exclusivity in the façade. Incorporating international standards as suggested by the client had to be done diligently as most of the houses across the area had an indigenous ambience. Therefore, a bold façade was outlined combining a material palette including the wood, stone, perforated aluminium screen. The rationally installed lighting in the facade highlighted prominent features of the building while the stone on the façade was instilled inside the house in order to ensure that the interiors are in complete compliance with the architecture. Privacy was another major requirement, as the houses in the vicinity were planned without any divisions or idea of privacy, thus façade not only qualifies in form but acts as an imperative functional element of – The Centaurus.

The project exemplifies valour through a clean play of volumes.