Luthra House  |  Area - 800 Sq. Yds.   |  Sushant Lok,Gurgaon, India, 2019

Complying with the client’s need for privacy, this 520 sq. yds. residence in Gurgaon follows the theme of modern minimalism.

In order to have a dialogue with outside and yet maintain privacy in the house, a lot of openings were provided. Little screening was required on the side of the house apart from the front, not allowing the neighbours to peep inside. To achieve this, instead of going for the usual solid metal panel cladding, perforated screens with aluminium louvers were introduced in some places on the sides. To give the house a bold look, leather finish black was selected for the cladding. The granite was treated to have a grey finish.

The showstopper of the Project was the weathered or the corten steel. The material selection involved time testing research for the right product. A concept of sublimation of corten on powder coated panels was used, which looked exactly the same as natural corten without any maintenance problems.